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About You

Of course… it’s all about you!

In Short Direct Marketing’s commitment to you, the client, is to meet or
exceed your expectations. Whether creating marketing plans and programs,
conducting a Mystery Visitor Program or training staff and management,
we commit to providing you with comprehensive solutions that meet the
challenges of your business.

Your business is always important to us, and although we are serious about
business, humor is a big part of the delivery. As Oscar Wilde so aptly put it,
“Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

Work with us and find the most advantageous ways to create the business
you want and have fun while it happens.

Increase sales, customer retention and positive word-of-mouth with one click
of the mouse or one phone call!


“I attended your Walla Walla Wine Marketing Conference. I honestly think it changed my life.”

– Kelly Hightower, Hightower Cellars

“Elizabeth. I want you
to know, I utilize the
info from your seminar
frequently! Thanks for
being a great instructor. “

– Maria Terry
Wine Buyer/Director of
Wine Education,
Pleasant Hill Wine