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Mystery Shopping

An in-depth evaluation of the overall visitor experience – from the moment visitors enter your winery property.

Four or five pairs of shoppers are sent to your winery. Shoppers are asked to evaluate your winery and three or four other wineries of your choosing in the same area. Shoppers are not informed as to which winery has ordered the Mystery Shopping.

Shoppers will be assigned days and times to visit, some weekdays, some weekends, morning or afternoons.

Shoppers are asked to evaluate wineries in a number of areas:

First Impressions
Winery Appearances
Tasting Room

Tasting Room Staff
Customer Service
Connection (w/ visitors)
Presentation of Programs
Wine/Reward Clubs
Special Offers

Training programs are tailored to the needs of the individual winery, organization or association. Progams may range from a single two or three hour seminar to an ongoing series of workshops and evaluations.

Promotional Materials
Winery brochure
Tasting notes
Wine/Rewards/Case Club brochure
Event information

Shoppers are required to complete an in-depth questionnaire detailing their experience at each winery.

Shopper Profiles
Shoppers vary in age, appearance, education and wine knowledge. Some shoppers have wine business, tasting room or wine retailing experience, some are wine enthusiasts and all enjoy wine to varying degrees. Other shoppers include people from all walks of life and occupations including:
Executive director for a winery association
Wine department manager for a store that is part of a major national chain
Professional trainer with a master’s degree in behavioral psychology
Human resources director

Personnel from In Short Direct Marketing also visit selected wineries.


Winery client receives:
Detailed reports for each of the wineries visited
Raw data from shopper visits
Detailed assessments of each category
Measurement of client property against other wineries visited
Areas of strength and weakness
Opportunities for improvement
Consultant assessment of property
Training session(s) for hospitality and tasting room staff focused on the areas of weakness and strength identified through Mystery Shopping.


Client costs for Mystery Shopper programs vary by the number of shoppers and the number of wineries visited.

Shoppers are reimbursed for each winery visited. If travel is required, shoppers are reimbursed for accommodations and travel expenses up to a pre-determined amount.

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